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Bugfix release B134 available for DataWiki 1.7.1

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Bugfix release B134 available for DataWiki 1.7.123 April 2013

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We have published today two bugfix releases for DataWiki and Triplestore basic. Upgrading is recommended.


DIQA announces the availability of the following bugfix releases:

  • DataWiki 1.7.1 B134
  • Triplestore basic 1.7.3 B22

The following issues have been fixed:

  • DataWiki: SOLR installation as Windows service did not work on Windows Server 2008.
  • DataWiki: WAT tool did not show server status properly even if SOLR was successfully installed as service (running/stopped).
  • Triplestore basic: Installation as Windows service failed on Windows server 2008 if JRE path contains whitespaces.
How to upgrade

If you use DataWiki 1.7.1 already, then go to the Wiki Administration tool and click on Upgrade (make sure that you have Internet connection because the updates are downloaded from the DIQA website).

Further information about DataWiki:

Contact Kai in case of questions.

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