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Capture and manage expert knowledge

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Capture and manage expert knowledge

Traditional tools like Mind-Maps, Office applications, Wikis or ontology editors do not support experts adequately in capturing and managing complex knowledge about technical or organizational issues. These tools either provide support for unstructured knowledge like text, or for highly structured knowledge like ontologies. In contrast, the continuous knowledge formalization process requires a flexible combination of both.
The consequence: valuable knowledge is not adequately captured and is lost for your company!

The solution: DataWiki

DataWiki combines text, data and ontologies in a highly flexible manner. Experts can choose the appropriate degree of formalization depending on the use case. This ensures that a maximum of the expert knowledge is formalized and is made available in a readable and comprehensive way. Once captured, the knowledge can be processed and even visualized.
Your benefit: a maximum of knowledge can be made available to your company!

Your benefit with DataWiki

  • Agile textual and ontology-based formalization of expert knowledge in a single, inexpensive platform.
  • No training required, no ontology-know-how needed.
  • Quick and efficient information retrieval on the basis of the semantic data
  • Inexpensive provision of self-service portals

Return on Investment

DataWiki is a standard application with inexpensive license fee and can be applied immediately without project effort.

How to proceed?

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