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DIQA and OpenLink collaborate to enhance SharePoint solutions

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DIQA and OpenLink collaborate to enhance SharePoint solutions15 March 2013

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The enterprise data server "Virtuoso" is introduced into "GRASP" to provide SharePoint users with transparent access to heterogeneous data sources.


Karlsruhe – March 15th, 2013 – OpenLink Software Inc., the leading vendor of standards-compliant data access, integration, and management technology announced a partnership agreement with DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH. DIQA is a provider of products and services for Smart Business Portals based on SharePoint and MediaWiki. The companies will collaborate to provide SharePoint users with transparent access to heterogeneous data sources such as the Web of Data. As a particular result of this partnership, DIQA is introducing OpenLink's enterprise grade data server "Virtuoso" as optional data access middleware with its products "GRASP" and "DataWiki."

"We are very excited about adding DIQA to the Virtuoso Integration Partner (VIP) program," said Hugh Williams, Professional Services VP at OpenLink Software. "DIQA has the expertise required to efficiently integrate and support exploitation of Virtuoso's features via SharePoint. As a secure, high-performance, multi-purpose server for heterogeneous data access, integration, and management, Virtuoso enables the development and deployment of enterprise grade collaborative Linked Data driven solutions that bring much-needed alleviation to current and future Big Data challenges," he added.

"DIQA brings its experience in building smart enterprise portals into the partnership with OpenLink," said Dr. Michael Erdmann, DIQA's CTO. "We understand the business needs for creating solutions that require advanced knowledge models and access to heterogeneous, distributed data -- exemplified by our MediaWiki-based semantic wiki product, DataWiki, and our SharePoint-based solutions."

DIQA created the GRASP tool to enable SharePoint administrators to easily create applications that provide SharePoint users with relevant data for their decision making and retrieval processes. GRASP supports use cases including

  • Ontology Management -- including rights management and version control
  • Taxonomy Management -- greatly improving SharePoint's built-in TermStore to support open standards
  • Data Integration -- supporting local taxonomies and virtualization of heterogeneous RDBMS, XML, and RDF-based Linked Data sources (as delivered by Virtuoso)

About OpenLink Software

OpenLink Software is a privately-held software company with offices in the USA and the United Kingdom. It has been the leading provider and technology innovator in the universal data access middleware market since 1993, and over 10,000 companies currently use its products worldwide. Follow @OpenLink on Twitter (, LinkedIn (, Google+ (, or Facebook (, or visit our website for more information,

About DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH

DIQA, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, is an independent software company formed by ECM and Semantic Web experts. Working with clients from industries like life science and engineering, DIQA enhances competitive advantage by delivering solutions that increase revenue, reduce cost, and improve customer service. DIQA delivers tools and services for business portals based on Microsoft SharePoint and MediaWiki. By augmenting these platforms with semantic technologies in a purposeful way, they are turned into Smart Portals that provide better end-user support for searching, organizing, processing and managing documents and knowledge. Visit our website for more information,

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