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DIQA presents new SharePoint Findability Solution

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DIQA presents new SharePoint Findability Solution7 November 2013

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We provide reliable products and a proven method to help your SharePoint users to find documents quicker and more efficiently.


Making SharePoint ready for efficient document retrieval is a complex process: you must identify suitable taxonomies and provide them in the SharePoint termstore. Also, you must tag the document corpus reliably and, finally, you must configure the SharePoint search center appropriately.

In order to simplify this process and to improve SharePoint's search feature we have created the "SharePoint Findability Solution" that provides reliable SharePoint products and a proven method.

The solution contains a new DIQA product named "Semantic Search Webparts", that extend SharePoint's search feature and guide users actively in the search process, offer alternative search possibilities and provide comprehensive ways to navigate in search hits.

Employing our solution brings these advantages for your SharePoint-users:

  • Superior managed metadata for content classification
  • Integrated taxonomies from various sources
  • Reliable automatic document-tagging
  • Users find documents immediately despite unknown taxonomy
  • Users are guided in the search process
  • The terms contained in the search results are presented in their taxonomic context
  • Users can easily drill-up or drill-down in the tree to broaden or narrow the search

Read all about our SharePoint Findability Solution:

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