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Ontology management and querying in Sharepoint | GRASP

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Enterprise Vocabulary NetTM

Enterprise Vocabulary Management with "TopBraid EVN"

TopBraid EVN is a web-based solution from our partner TopQuadrant Inc, USA, for developing and managing interconnected controlled vocabularies. It supports business stakeholders who need to collaborate on defining and linking enterprise vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies used for information integration, customization and search.

Industry-specific vocabularies, like MeSH, NCI, ChEBI or SNOMED, can be loaded into TopBraid EVN and blended with your company-specific terminology. This reduces the time for managing vocabularies and prevents inconsistencies and duplications.

Import vocabularies in SharePoint for consistent Tags and managed Metadata

Selected vocabularies are loaded directly in the SharePoint termstore in order to be used for consistent tagging and for managed metadata using GRASP (from DIQA).

Applications with TopBraid EVN

TopBraid EVN is the industry-grade solution for professional Vocabularmanagement.

Benefits from using TopBraid EVN:

  • Find documents faster, e.g. in SharePoint.
  • Use your own specific terminology in forms, for tagging and retrieval.
  • Integrate diverse business vocabularies and employ industry-specific terminologies

Features of TopBraid EVN

  • Vocabulary Editing: Cloning, merging, repositioning and re-numbering of concepts; global edit operations for selected groups of concepts
  • Import/Export: Import/Export from RDBMs, RSS feeds, spreadsheets, XML, SPARQL endpoints, RDF and OWL
  • Audit Trails: Every change is logged and time stamped, change history can be searched, changes can be rolled back if desired
  • Search: Simple lookups and advanced search, tree and list views, visual graph exploration and query
  • SKOS: Built-in support for all standard SKOS attributes and hierarchical, associative and equivalency relationships

(read more features on TopQuadrant's TopBraid EVN [1].)

Introducing TopBraid EVN:

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