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Professional terminology management in SharePoint

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Professional terminology management in SharePoint

Managing terminologies in SharePoint isn't easy. For example, you cannot revise a taxonomy in the termstore without disturbing the production version of the taxonomy. This makes it impossible for users to collaboratively work on a taxonomy and to approve it before it is enabled. As a consequence, a lot of time is consumed by updating terminologies in Excel-sheets. It is also impossible to re-use terminologies across systems or to import standard taxonomies. Therefore staying compliant with industry metadata standards becomes a challenge.
The consequence: the terminology management process is inefficient and error-prone. Users are not really involved and industry-standards cannot be applied.

Managing terminologies in SharePoint with GRASP is easy

GRASP ("Graph for SharePoint") is the SharePoint solution that brings professional terminology management to the SharePoint term store. You can import and update terminologies from external systems (in SKOS) that can be deployed into termstores. You can revise terminologies directly and collaboratively in SharePoint. You can create working copies of terminologies that are modified directly in SharePoint by your users before they take effect in the managed metadata. You can create complex models, e.g. medical terminologies, that include poly-hierarchies. Poly-hierarchies are considered in the SharePoint search. Regular users can browse terminologies outside the termstore manager in a convenient terminology browser.

GRASP is the term store management tool!

Return on Investment

GRASP is a standard product that requires no customization or project effort. It is deployed easily on your SharePoint farm and immediately reduces the time needed to build terminologies. Existing terminologies in Excel-sheets can be migrated with minimal effort.

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