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New release of Semantic Search Webparts 1.4

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New release of Semantic Search Webparts 1.430 September 2015

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New StaticTermTree-feature makes it easier to browse the SharePoint content without searching.


The new release of Semantic Search Webparts v1.4 comes with the "StaticTermTree Webpart" that enables users to dynamically filter and find SharePoint-content by using a navigation hierarchy tree control to apply different metadata-based filters. Search terms can be used in combination with the StaticTermTree to refine the result list. In contrast to the standard refiners, which are reset when the user enters a new search term, the StaticTermTree Displays the entire taxonomy tree and remembers the user selection. The advantage over standard SharePoint-Search:

  • The SharePoint-content can be explored just by selecting a taxonomy-term and without being forced to enter a search term.
  • SharePoint-content that is tagged with taxonomy-terms can be further filtered using search Terms.

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