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New releases of the SharePoint Findability Solution are available

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New releases of the SharePoint Findability Solution are available16 December 2013

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Maximize re-use of terminologies in SharePoint, automatically tag large document sets and guide users in the search process.


The new releases of GRASP v1.4 and Semantic Search Webparts v1.1 make it easier to re-use external terminologies in SharePoint, to automatically tag large sets of documents and to guide users actively in the search process.

Overview of the new features:

1. Re-use terminologies from external systems

GRASP v1.4 is now compatible with terminology management applications that support the TBX-file format ("TermBase eXchange"), e.g. Across Language Server, flashterm, SDL MultiTerm and Termflow. This allows you to re-use existing terminologies, that come from your translated technical documentation, for instance (if you employ a professional translation service, then they are extracting your terminology from the document corpus).

2. Automatic tagging of large document sets

GRASP v1.4 is now fully compatible with the Layer2 Auto Tagger: users can enter and validate classification rules in the termstore manager.

3. "Related terms" provide better user guidance in the search process

You can create relations between terms in the termstore to express statements like "business processes require forms" or "products belong to series" (requires GRASP v1.4 and Semantic Search Webparts v1.1). Related terms are useful in the search process because they offer end-users alternative search possibilities in the given search context.

4. Simplified workflow to revise terminologies in SharePoint

With GRASP v1.4 you can create a working copy of a term set that can be modified by a user group in one single step. As soon as your user are finished, you can replace the original version with the revision. Use this approach to avoid the error-prone "terminology management" in MS Excel.

You can immediately evaluate the SharePoint Findability Solution:
  • Get your evaluation copy of GRASP: Download
  • Get your evaluation copy of the Layer2 Auto Tagger: Layer2 Download
  • Get your evaluation copy of the Semantic Search Webparts: Download

Read more about the SharePoint Findability Solution:

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