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Release GRASP v1.0 is now available

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Release GRASP v1.0 is now available9 December 2012

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The new product features from GRASP support your Semantic Web- and Big Data-Strategy in SharePoint.


DIQA announces the availability of release v1.0 of GRASP ("Graph for SharePoint"): GRASP is the SharePoint solution that introduces ontologies and semantic data into SharePoint. Ontologies are uploaded and managed directly in SharePoint. This fosters collaboration among ontologists and ensures preservation and compliance with the ECM-strategy of your company.

SPARQL queries in SharePoint

Ontologies are uploaded into an attached triple store (RDF store) directly from within SharePoint. With the standard query language SPARQL you can query them and, thus, retrieve their data. Additionally, any semantic data can be processed in SharePoint that is accessible via a SPARQL endpoint or triple store. SPARQL query results are available in SharePoint web parts and SharePoint lists in order to generate insights that are important for your SharePoint users and workflows.

With GRASP you can easily process your Big-Data data sources in SharePoint, since GRASP is comaptible with the most important industry-grade Triplestore Produkten: Virtuoso Universal Server (OpenLink) und Topbraid live (TopQuadarant).

Further information about GRASP:

Contact Herr Erdmann in case of questions.

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