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Release GRASP v1.3 is now available

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Release GRASP v1.3 is now available18 July 2013

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Manage and revise terminologies directly in SharePoint. Make document metadata smarter with "Semantic Tags".


DIQA announces the availability of release v1.3 of GRASP ("Graph for SharePoint"): GRASP is the SharePoint solution that greatly improves SharePoint's Terminology Management and that makes SharePoint smarter with Linked Data.

Manage and revise terminologies directly in SharePoint

GRASP 1.3 makes external terminology management systems unnecessary: the entire terminology management is kept in SharePoint. This makes GRASP the indispensable tool for information architects who want to avoid makeshift solutions to create and revise terminologies (like MS Excel or text-editors). The new terminology management features comprise:

  • Create "working copies" of terminologies: users can revise the working copy of a terminology directly in SharePoint before it replaces the original terminology in the TermStore
  • Poly-hierarchies: manage multiple parents per term without requiring duplications
  • TermTreeView web part and TermDetails web part: provide regular users with a terminology browser outside of the terminology manager
Smarter access to documents with "Semantic Tags"

GRASP 1.3 supports now “Semantic Tags”, that are intelligent tags that contain more information than normal SharePoint metadata. For example you can tag SharePoint documents with enzyme names from the "Uniprot" database. This makes it possible to retrieve documents based on the cofactors of enzymes. Also, documents that use semantic tags can be enriched with additional information from the Linked Data contained in Lifesciences data sources like LinkedLifeData or Bio2RDF (or from your private RDF-store).

A couple of other new features dramatically reduce the time needed to introduce Linked Data into SharePoint and to mash it up with document metadata.

GRASP 1.3 is optimized to efficiently support these scenarios in SharePoint

Download GRASP here:

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