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Custom Development and Services for MediaWiki and DataWiki

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(Semantic) MediaWiki and DataWiki

DIQA improves and operates your (Semantic) MediaWiki or DataWiki

The DIQA team has profound expertise in customizing and deploying MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki in enterprises. Our offerings:

  • Strategic consultancy regarding employing MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki or DataWiki.
  • Installation, test and operation of portals (on premise or in the cloud)
  • Selection of suitable extensions (e.g. WYSIWYG extension, facetted search)
  • Integration of ontologies and taxonomies

Example projects that we have done for our customers:

  • Access control for MediaWiki: introduced a content and action level access control system into a corporate wiki.
  • Reporting tool: provided a click and point reporting tool for end-users to generate reports on a highly customized MediaWiki installation that contains production process data.
  • WYSIWYG: introduced a WYSIWYG editor into a MediaWiki installation.
  • 2nd Level Support: we provide various international customers with 2nd level support to operate their corporate MediaWiki installation.
  • Configuration and Setup: for various international customers we have installed MediaWiki and compatible extensions to operate a corporate knowledge base.

Contact us
Dipl. Inf. Kai Kühn

Kai Kühn
SharePoint Consultant, Software Engineer

Tel.: +49-721-609-517-26
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