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Services from DIQA: Semantic Web Technology

DIQA unlocks the power of Semantic Web technologies

Semantic Web technologies provide new solutions for using and managing the abundance of documents and data in your organization, e.g.

  • to access heterogeneous data silos
  • to intelligently interlink the data
  • to allow for new insights
  • to enable better retrieval of documents (based on semantic data)

Semantic Web technologies will bring strategic benefits to your business. Together, we can identify and realize opportunities to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Our offerings:

  • strategic consultancy about applying semantic technologies in your organization (best practices, linked data, platforms)
  • ontology modeling for your use cases (best practices, incl. linked data principles, reuse of standard vocabularies, OWL, rules)
  • training in current semantic technologies (ontology languages - OWL, RDFS; standard ontologies - DC,, FOAF; tools - triple stores, editors, APIs; methodologies)
  • We manage your semantic technologies project and
    • we select, configure and deploy of the best semantic tools to solve your problems (vendor independent, incl. Jena, Virtuoso, Topbraid, Protege, Semantic MediaWiki, and more in Java or .Net)
    • we develop custom components and solutions
    • we integrate the solution into your system landscape

The DIQA team knows all relevant semantic methods and tools and will compile the best possible solutions suited to your use cases.

Special Offer -- One Day Semantic Web Workshop

Contact us
Dr. Michael Erdmann

Michael Erdmann
Semantic Web Consultant, Projectmanager

Tel.: +49-721-609-517-24
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