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Stop Searching, Start Finding: The Findability Solution for SharePoint

Stop searching, start finding: the "SharePoint Findability" solution from DIQA provides reliable products and a proven method to find documents quicker and more efficiently. We employ Semantic Web technologies in order to actively guide users in the search process, to offer alternative search possibilities and to provide comprehensive ways to navigate in search hits.

Fully compatible with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013!

Overview of the advantages for SharePoint-users

  • Superior managed metadata for content classification
  • Integrated taxonomies from various sources
  • Reliable automatic document-tagging
  • Users find documents immediately despite unknown taxonomy
  • Users are guided in the search process
  • The terms contained in the search results are presented in their taxonomic context
  • Users can easily drill-up or drill-down in the tree to broaden or narrow the search

How DIQA's "SharePoint Findability"-solution helps you

Provision of taxonomies in SharePoint

The taxonomy represents the conceptual model of your business. It provides the required knowledge to improve navigation, as well as tagging and search of documents. Typical sources of taxonomies are industry standards, product lifecycle management systems, or terminology management systems.

Tagging of documents

Assign taxonomies and term sets to managed metadata columns that are used in lists or libraries. The Layer 2 Auto Tagger automatically categorizes SharePoint documents using classification rules that are managed in the SharePoint Term Store (ref. Layer2 Autotagger).

Semantic search

The "Semantic Search Webparts" extends the standard SharePoint-Search with Semantic Web features to find documents quicker and more efficiently. The Semantic Search Webparts make use of the taxonomy that is enriched with semantic information. They guide users actively in the search process, offer alternative search possibilities and provide comprehensive ways to navigate in search hits.

See the screenshots of the solution in this slides deck

Video demonstration

The following video (in German) demonstrates all features in a realworld scenario:


Return on Investment

You can immediately evaluate GRASP, the Layer2 Auto Tagger and the Semantic Search Webparts for free (30 days evaluation). Even small adaptations to your existing taxonomy will immediately improve navigation possibilities that reduce the time needed for document retrieval.

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