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Triplestore Basic | The semantic database for Sharepoint and DataWiki

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Triplestore basic: The Semantic Database

The Semantic Database for SharePoint and DataWiki: Store and process semantic data with "Triplestore basic"

Triplestore basic is a semantic database for storing, retrieving and processing of RDF data from DataWiki or SharePoint. Triplestore basic is an optional Add-on for DataWiki.

Triplestore basic product features

Triplestore basic introduces these features into SharePoint (requires the DIQA-product GRASP):

  • Ontologies and taxonomies that are managed in SharePoint can be uploaded into Triplestore basic from within SharePoint.
  • SPARQL 1.1 queries can be executed against uploaded ontologies from within SharePoint.
  • Query results are available in SharePoint webparts and lists.

Triplestore basic introduces these features into DataWiki:

  • Formulate more powerful queries using the SPARQL-query language against your wiki data
  • Use advanced reasoning in SPARQL-Queries by writing user-defined rules.
  • all result printers are also available for SPARQL query results
  • Make external enterprise data available in DataWiki
  • Publish your wiki data in 3rd-party application, e.g. in SharePoint.

Other features:

  • Windows installation tool
  • SPARQL 1.1 compatible

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