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Workshop Semantic Technologies

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Semantic Technologies Workshop

Opportunities of Semantic Technologies for you

This one day workshop is meant for decision makers and IT-architects who wants to get a quick overview of the possibilities that semantic technologies can deliver. For knowledge managers it presents actual applications and methodologies based on modern approaches. Besides this general overview the second part of the day will give you the opportunity to discuss concrete use cases and requirements of your company and together we will identify possible solutions and work out an action plan.

A Typical Workshop Day

We will hold the workshop on your premises to make it easy for the relevant personnel to learn and to contribute. A typical schedule is presented below (basic overview in the morning followed by a discussion of actual requirements the drafting solutions in the afternoon):

  • 9:00 Welcome and discussion of your motivation for this workshop
  • 10:00 Overview aver Semantic Web Technologies (u.a. basics, benefits over conventional software, Semantic Web Tools, prototypical applications)
  • 11:00 Applying Semantic Web Standards (RDF model and syntax, RDFS, SPARQL queries, conceptual model of OWL, Modelling ontologies)
  • 14:00 Joint work on goals, use cases, possible applications and draft specification of architectures and models for your situation
  • 16:30 Summary of the findings
  • 17:00 Adjourn
Services included
  • Travel
  • Presentation of the workshop materials
  • PDF copy of the presentations
  • Moderating and Analysis of the Workshop

This is a fixed-price offer for 1499,– € plus VAT and expenses for travel etc. This offer does not include any software license fees.

Availability and Expiration

This fixed-price offer is available in Central Europe and is valid until 1. March 2013. Please let us know your preferred date for the workshop and we will inform you about the availability of our staff. In case the staff is not available we will propose an alternative date. Please note that the workshop will be executed on your premises.

Contact us
Dr. Michael Erdmann

Michael Erdmann
Semantic Web Consultant, Projectmanager

Tel.: +49-721-609-517-24