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DataWiki: The Knowledge Portal

DataWiki helps teams and companies to capture, maintain and apply their expert knowledge and to combine it with enterprise data

DataWiki is a semantic enterprise Wiki for teams that need a human-readable and agile knowledge base for collaborating on rich text and data in their day to day work. DataWiki provides all state-of-the-art Wiki features for authoring and sharing articles and adds powerful semantic data features. Users can annotate articles in order to enrich them with knowledge, e.g. "2013/01/17 is the due date of the proposal", or "this process step depends on a previous step payment". This data can be used to generate dynamic reports within the Wiki.

In addition, users who have been granted appropriate rights can adjust the structure of the knowledge base (the ontology) on the fly. This adapts the Wiki to ever changing needs based on the current situation, e.g. users can define that the knowledge object "Product" is more general than "Star", "Cash Cow", "Poor Dog" and "Question Mark".

DataWiki makes enterprise-data available

Additional data can be integrated in the Wiki from heterogeneous external data silos. This enables users to use this data to generate reports or even visualize it in the preferred format within wiki pages.

Applications with DataWiki

Examples of applications that you can realize immediately with DataWiki:

  • Knowledge base for project teams, e.g. self service portal, risk inventory, database of effort estimates
  • Portal for problem solving methods for technical equipment, e.g. for the field service
  • Portal for technical documentation that is enriched with technical data
  • Knowledge base for consulting teams
  • Self service portal for enterprise data

Features of DataWiki

  • State-of-the-art Wiki features
  • WYSIWYG-Editor
  • Intuitive semantic features
  • Collaborative, agile knowledge management
  • Ontology editor
  • Semantic data integration features (SPARQL 1.1 compatible, requires Triplestore basic)

See all features in this slide deck:

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User manuals:

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