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Solutions from DIQA

Stop searching, start finding

Stop searching, start finding: the "SharePoint Findability" solution from DIQA provides reliable products and a proven method to find documents quicker and more efficiently. We employ Semantic Web technologies in order to actively guide users in the search process, to offer alternative search possibilities and to provide comprehensive ways to navigate in search hits. more

Professional terminology management in SharePoint

Import and update terminologies from external systems (in SKOS) that can be deployed into termstores. Revise terminologies directly and collaboratively in SharePoint. Create working copies of terminologies that are modified directly in SharePoint by your users before they take effect in the managed metadata. Create complex models, e.g. medical terminologies, that include poly-hierarchies. Provide regular users with a convenient terminology browser. more

Information dashboards for heterogeneous data in SharePoint

Create consolidated views, reports and visualizations from heterogeneous data in SharePoint, that present integrated information in a way that is meaningful for business users. An ontology is used to translate non-RDF data sources into semantic data that is hosted by a RDF-store (requires additional software). The integrated data is accessed using the standardized reporting language “SPARQL”. Internal corporate data can be augmented with publicly available data sets (so called Linked Open Data), e.g. geographic information. more

Medical vocabularies and Lifesciences data in SharePoint

Use medical vocabularies like SNOMED or ICD-10 in SharePoint for content tagging or for browsing. Explore these vocabularies in SharePoint, e.g. to facilitate medical coding. Import complex vocabularies in SharePoint, like Gene Ontology, and make them available in electronic medical records or for clinical trial management. Use Linked Data from Lifesciences data sources, like Open PHACTS, LinkedLifeData or Bio2RDF, directly in GRASP, e.g. in dashboards, to enrich SharePoint-based (electronic drug or healthcare) knowledge bases or to enhance document search. more

Capture and manage expert knowledge

Experts like project members, field technicians, researchers or software engineers use complex knowledge, that is crucial for your company, but mostly not well documented or accessible to others. As a consequence valuable knowledge is lost for your company or must be re-created by spending effort, time and money! Deploying a smart portal like DataWiki you can avoid these additional efforts. more

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