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Release GRASP v1.2 is now available

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Release GRASP v1.2 is now available1 March 2013

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Visualise semantic data in dashboards, import SKOS-models and mash-up documents with the Web of Data.


DIQA announces the availability of release v1.2 of GRASP ("Graph for SharePoint"): GRASP is the SharePoint solution that unlocks the Web of Data for SharePoint users.

The new version comprises these additional features
  • Variety of result presentation formats for presenting query results in the SPARQL-web part, e.g. table, list, pie-, bar- or line diagrams, as well as GoogleMaps
  • Import of SKOS taxonomies into the SharePoint TermStore
  • Export of TermStore content in SKOS format, e.g. for backup purposes or for transferring from one SharePoint installation to another one

See all product features in this slide deck:

Download GRASP here:

Read more about GRASP:

Contact Michael Erdmann in case of questions.

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