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SharePoint Taxonomy Refiner: How to

Standard SharePoint webpart displays the term hierarchy in a list

SharePoint provides a standard refinement webpart that can be used to refine search results in a search center. This refiner webpart can be configured to display managed properties, like numbers, dates and strings, and managed metadata. As shown in the screenshot below, the managed metadata terms are not displayed in their tree hierarchy, like in the termstore manager. Instead, the standard refiner displays the terms in a flat list, additionally the term labels are cut off. From a usability perspective this makes the standard refiner useless if you tag your documents with terms.

Screenshot standard refiner.PNG
SharePoint standard refiner: the hierarchy of terms gets lost.

TreeView Refiner Webpart arranges the taxonomy terms in a tree

DIQA's TreeView Refiner Webpart visualises the terms in the hierarchical context of the term-tree. Users can select terms in the hierarchy to drill down or drill up in the search results. This webpart makes use of managed metadata. This refinement webpart complements the standard refiner webparts and can be easily added to the search page.

TreeviewRefiner 640x.png
DIQA's TreeView Refiner Webpart displays terms in their hierarchy.

Advantages of the TreeView Refiner Webpart

The TreeView Refiner Webpart has these advantages over the standard SharePoint-Search webpart:

  • The terms contained in the search results are presented in their tree-context
  • Users can easily drill-up or drill-down in the tree to broaden or narrow the search
  • The SharePoint-content can be explored just by selecting a taxonomy-term and without being forced to enter a search term.
  • SharePoint-content that is tagged with taxonomy-terms can be further filtered using search Terms.


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