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SharePoint Term Extractor/Manual

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README – SharePoint TermExtractor

How to start?

After deploying the VM in Azure or installing the Service on-premise you can reach the SharePoint TermExtractor under the given site name. In the VM this name is SPTermExtractor, thus, the URL to reach the service looks like this

  • http://<HOST_NAME_OR_IP>/SPTermExtractor/

After installation you should check if the web site can be accessed from the web. The first access prompts for a user name and password: Both, initially are “admin”. Until you change the password, each page will display a warning text and prompts for a new password. Choose a secure password and set it immediately. The server will ask for password after a few seconds. From now on always use it when logging in.

How to obtain a license?

Contact DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH via email and we will send you license key that you can upload via the web interface of the service or copy it into the configuration folder.

To obtain a license, please contact

How to update to a new version?

  • Log in to the VM via RDP
  • Download the new release of SharePoint TermExtractor from the DIQA website:
  • Store the ZIP-file in a local directory of your VM, e.g. c:temp
  • Open the IIS Manager and navigate to the SPTermExtractor folder
  • Right click on the “config” folder and select “Explore”
  • Copy the two files from the folder to another secure location, e.g. c:temp
    • config.json
    • license.lic
  • Right click on “Default Web Site” (the parent folder of SPTermExtractor)
  • Click “Import application” and then choose the downloaded zip file, e.g. c:temp
  • Click “Next” twice
  • Possibly change the application path to “SPTermExtractor”
  • Click “Next”
  • Confirm with “Yes” to overwrite the previous installation
  • Click “Next” and wait until the installation has finished
  • Move the two configuration files saved earlier back to the config-folder